Sonntag, 7. April 2013

Draftingboard #18

Teil zwei des hobbitkrams 8D
Dwarves- AGAIN more or less XD 

Let's begin with the elf:

YES she smokes... Even though I am not sure elves do such things O_O
but i like those pipes!  well, tall and blonde and YES a second time- short hair XD

So, this is the ADVENTURE GROUP :D
first the scribble and then with some color :3

As you can see- this is Julls final dwarf-version, with a furr coat 
replacing the dress, leaving more room to show her jewelry.

And last but not least:
Julls hobbit version :3

isn't she a cute little hobbit?? as you can see i kept the updo
which she already had as a dwarf and just loosened it a bit.
also she is wearing a dress which is not as practical as trousers
to go adventuring with -> since all the dwarfmaidens are wearing
trousers i thought a dress more suitable for the not as much adventourus hobbit nature :)

thats this :3
NETXT UP: will pe some Ponies ( yaaaaay 8D )

Donnerstag, 7. März 2013

Draftingboard #17

Zwerge, Zwerge, Zwerge...
Dwarves, dwarves, dwarves...

SOOO... i was watching the hobbit (like 10.000 times now 8D )

and i couldn't resist drawing my own characters ://D

These cuties are for my lovely hobbit fangirl family --> Re-belle, Jull, and JassiKatz

Theese are 3 of the outfits i did for Jull
the middle one is more likely to be a dwarf sailor, don't you think? XD
I thought of her as a rather rich dwarf -> lots of fur and jewelry
but none of these made it to the final picture, although the right one is
pretty close to its final version :)

This one is for Jassi
i liked her outfit and hairstile from the start so it didn't change at all
i imagined her to be a rather boyish and simple dwarf maiden.
which means no fur for her and a quite practical 3 day beard

This one is finally a ginger! done for my best friend Re-belle
quite young and adventourus, fluffy beard on the side of her cheeks
leather and fur vest and i was like -> how do you do a chibi version of a dwarf??
obviously: no throat, big tits and legs.  (yep i failed XD )

NEXT UP: next thing ill show you will be a pipesmoking elf, a hobbit and the adventure group itself.
but that until later :D

Mittwoch, 6. Februar 2013

Draftingboard #16

Step by Step Aceo the 2nd :)

This was a birthday present for my friend Nhia (for her birthday last year 8D )
She wished for a sailor moon and I was happy to fulfill that wish :3

here you go:


Mittwoch, 30. Januar 2013

Draftingboard #15

Step by Step Aceo

This is an Aceo i did a few month ago.
It was for lovely Cubia (click on her name to have a look at her facebook page)

Raiden from Metal gear solid O_O



Dienstag, 22. Januar 2013

Blumenwiese #1


oder so XD
also was tun mit dem Schnee?
genau, bauen wir uns ein Schneellama!

Ladys und Gentleman, ich darf vorstellen: Clementine das Schneellama!

Ich widme es der lieben Nhia ( klick hier um auf ihre facebookpage zu gelangen :3 )
(und danisnotonfire --> internet cult leader with a penchant for llamas ;D )

Samstag, 27. Oktober 2012

Kräutergarten #1

Updates on some "reacent" activity :3

Because i can XD


Diese Dangos sind die ersten die mir gelungen sind :D
und sie haben sogar echt gut geschmeckt :3
man sollte sie bloß nicht länger stehen lassen XD
die sosse geliert dann und kriegt ne ganz komische 
konsistens X//B *bäh*

Mittwoch, 21. März 2012

Draftingboard #14

Aktzeichnen ohne und mit Akt 8D

In meinem wundervollen Zeichenkurs an der
Uni hatte ich Aktzeichnen ohne Akt. Wie das
geht??? XD in dem sich einfach Kursteilnehmer
aufn Stuhl setzten und sich unnackt zeichnen lassen.
das kam dabei heraus:

Dann aber kamen die Aktmodelle auch tatsächlich
und sogar pünktlich: