Sonntag, 7. April 2013

Draftingboard #18

Teil zwei des hobbitkrams 8D
Dwarves- AGAIN more or less XD 

Let's begin with the elf:

YES she smokes... Even though I am not sure elves do such things O_O
but i like those pipes!  well, tall and blonde and YES a second time- short hair XD

So, this is the ADVENTURE GROUP :D
first the scribble and then with some color :3

As you can see- this is Julls final dwarf-version, with a furr coat 
replacing the dress, leaving more room to show her jewelry.

And last but not least:
Julls hobbit version :3

isn't she a cute little hobbit?? as you can see i kept the updo
which she already had as a dwarf and just loosened it a bit.
also she is wearing a dress which is not as practical as trousers
to go adventuring with -> since all the dwarfmaidens are wearing
trousers i thought a dress more suitable for the not as much adventourus hobbit nature :)

thats this :3
NETXT UP: will pe some Ponies ( yaaaaay 8D )

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